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Introducing the Vikan Transport Line

Tackle large workloads, quickly and effectively

This collection of efficient and effective cleaning tools is specifically designed to clean city buses, commercial trucks and vans, trains, commercial aircraft, taxis, chauffeur services, and private cars. Our effective, time-saving tools include a range of waterfed wash brushes with telescopic handles, angled and adjustable brush heads that maintain surface contact, surface-drying squeegee blades that provide a streak-free finish at most heights with just one pass, and a range of interior cleaning brushes for all applications. Our tools are also chemical resistant and convenient and easy to store.

Protect paintwork and the environment

All brushes within the Vikan transport tool range feature innovative rubber edges so that regular cleaning can be undertaken without damage to paintwork, signage, or other coatings. Our systems use less water and detergent, and allow you to operate in a responsible and environmentally conscious manner.

Product advantages

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Vikan Transport line hand brush
Vikan Transport line squeegee
Vikan Transport line tube brush
Vikan Transport line water gun

Cleaning protocol

Professional cleaning requires the correct approach as well as the right tools. The Vikan six-stage process will leave the exterior of your vehicle spotlessly clean:

  • Apply a good foam mix of detergent and water.
  • Leave the vehicle to soak for a couple of minutes so that the dust and dirt loosens and binds to the foam.
  • Wash the vehicle with lots of clean water to remove the dust and dirt, and prevent them scratching the paintwork when using a brush.
  • Using a water-fed or standard hand brush, wash the vehicle with water and detergent.
  • Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with clean water.
  • Use the rubber-bladed Wipe-n-Shine to remove wash water, and leave windows and paintwork streak free.


Remco and Vikan are industry leaders in producing top-of-the-line material handling and sanitation tools for food processing and related industries. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today at or 317.876.9856.

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