Remco Products Offers Three New Colors

Remco Products and Vikan have added brown, lime, and gray to our line of color-coded tools, bringing the total number of colors offered up to 12. These three additional colors give facilities even more options, and have been added to 35 different Remco and Vikan tools. These tools run the gamut from our most popular shovels and brushes to specialty pieces like our wall brackets and tank brushes.

Brown and gray are subtle colors that are ideal for use in high-visibility areas such as hallways and corridors. Brown is also a good replacement for wooden products. Because it’s so visually distinct, lime is being used by many facilities as a part of their allergen control plans.


Remco Products is dedicated to helping facilities promote food safety through color-coding, high quality tools, and hygienic design. Remco and Vikan are industry leaders in producing top-of-the-line material handling and sanitation tools for food processing and related industries. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today at or 317.876.9856.

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