Remco COVID19 Resource Center


A Collection of COVID-19 Resources from Remco and Vikan

Vikan COVID Whitepaper

White Paper: Minimizing the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission Through Cleaning and Sanitation

Vikan's Global Hygiene Specialist Deb Smith writes about the use of cleaning and sanitation practices in the efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 in food processing facilities and the restaurant industry.

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Fast Facts: COVID-19 Questions and Answers

Some of the most frequently asked questions, along with answers from Amit Kheradia, Remco's food safety specialist, are included in this concise Q&A.

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Remco BNP eNewsletter on COVID-19

Article: Minimizing the Risk of COVID-19 Infection in Food Manufacturing

This eNewsletter from Remco and BNP Media covers the basics of the COVID-19 virus, what it means for the food processing industry, and how to minimize its impact on a plant.

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Remco COVID global food safety document

Ensuring U.S. and Global Food Safety During the COVID-19 Crisis

This brief document outlines U.S.-specific and global food safety response to the crisis, with information from the World Health Organization and Frank Yiannas of the FDA.

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Remco Official COVID-19 Statement

Remco's COVID-19 Statement

We have taken several measures to ensure our business operations remain safe during this crisis. Learn about the procedures that we've put in place to protect our employees, distributors, and customers during this time.

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Remco Deep Cleaing Brochure

Deep Cleaning To-Dos After a Food Manufacturing Facility Shutdown

This brochure offers recommendations centered around a cohesive set of procedures, messaging, and tools intended to help food manufacturing facilities during a shutdown.

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Blog: Minimizing the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission

This article is based off of research Deb Smith, global hygiene specialist at Vikan, did for the white paper "Minimizing the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission Through Cleaning and Sanitation." This more concise version covers high-level topics like best practices and recommended sanitation updates.

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